Lighthouse, Alexandria, Egypt

Watch a computer recreation of what ancient Alexandria may have looked like (5:35).


The fifth Wonder of the ancient World
The fifth Wonder of the ancient World—the towering lighthouse at Alexandria, the great seaport of Egypt. It stood 600 feet high—higher than any lighthouse today. Inclining ramps, inside the walls, led to the beacon. Demetrius and Diomede rode up these ramps on donkeys. At night the light could be seen for thirty miles at sea. This is a 2006 digital recreation of a 1909 illustration. The Alexandria lighthouse stood on an island at the entrance to the harbor. The gap between the island and the mainland is now filled in. On the site of the  lighthouse, a modern fort has been built. This wonderful beacon, made all of marble, was just finished when Demetrius saw it. It continued to serve mariners for 1100 years. The broken stump stood for five centuries longer. (©2013 Emad Victor SHENOUDA)


Qaitbay Fort
The modern day Qaitbay Fort, built on the location of the ancient Pharos lighthouse. (CC BY-SA 2.0, ©2005 Kieran Lamb)