St. Bernard Pass, Switzerland/Italy

In 2004 The Barry Foundation was started to take over care of the St. Bernard dogs. In the village of Martigny at the foot of the mountain, Foundation Barry houses the dogs and is now the oldest breeding center for the Swiss national dog. Around 20 puppies are born each year.

Watch BBC’s 12:29 minute video about the pass-

World-famous St. Bernard dogs.
World-famous St. Bernard dogs. These huge and intelligent dogs have been trained to
seek out travelers lost in the snow and to lead the monks to the rescue. This photochrom print
was made in 1905. (1905/2015, CC BY 2.0 Ashley Van Heaften)


Monastery at St. Bernard Pass.
Monastery at St. Bernard Pass. (CC BY-SA 3.0 ©2004 Roland Zumbühl) (low resolution


Napoleon, in the tracks of Hannibal
Napoleon, in the tracks of Hannibal, with his army of French soldiers. (Painting:
Napoleon Passing the Great St Bernard Pass, by Edouard Castres; public domain)


St. Bernard Pass
This photo of the Great St. Bernard Pass looking into Italy, was taken during the
summer months. St. Bernard’s statue is on the bottom right. (CC BY-SA 3.0 ©2008 Hans