The Panama Canal, Central America

The entire length of the canal is just over 50 miles, stretching from the Atlantic Ocean, at Limon Bay, to the Pacific Ocean, at the Gulf of Panama. It has undergone expansion since Halliburton’s time due to the increased size and carrying capacity of cargo ships in the year’s since the 1930s. See a map of the Panama Canal at Wikipedia.

Take an 11-hour trip through the Panama Canal in less than seven minutes (6:54) (from 2016)


Aerial view of Gatun Locks
Aerial view of Gatun Locks and the new Agua Clara Locks, of the Panama Canal. The locks lift ships from the Atlantic Ocean to Gatun Lake. (2017, public domain)


Culebra Cut
Culebra Cut. Notice how small the people look on the ship in the lower left corner. (CC BY-SA 3.0 ©2000 Stan Shebs)



New locks at Gatun
New locks at Gatun, the Agua Clara locks, doubled the capacity of the Panama canal.
These locks are 180 feet wide and 1400 feet long, wider and deeper than the previous locks by 80
and 400 feet respectively. They feature rolling gates. Construction of the new locks was completed
in 2016. The Atlantic Bridge, completion scheduled mid 2019, is being constructed in the
background. The Atlantic Bridge is the third bridge over the canal, but the only one on the
Atlantic side. (CC BY-SA 4.0 ©2018 Portzer)